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Hello yall i broke into my old flipnote hatena account. Im 18 now everything below after the cut was written by me at the wonderful age of 12 i did write something down white i broke into this account when i was 15 so ill that be to restate what i go by now its winesta (twitter,tumblr,etc) find me their as i am very less cringy then when i was 12 well its been some time i just went on my old thing because i felt like it. Now the things i wrote when i was 15 and then the good shit


its been 3 or 4 years since ive even seen this

im not 15 when i wrote everything down below i was 12 so that explain why its so cringe worthy

i just wanted to write thing so i dont feel odd about this being her

any who i tend to go by winesta on most site(mainly use tumblr) so if your trying to find me you can have that

now the cringe worthy things


Hello Earth monsters you are reading this why??Well as long as you are reading this why don't you read ahead and don't bother to go somewhere else eh of I'll hunt you down.

Happy Reading Earth monkeys

If your Human Don't Read on Or ZIM or I Mean Someone Will Steal Your Organs.

I Am A female From the Planet Earth Im a 12 EArth old Human Person (IM Not An alien so don't call the FBI)

Random stuff about me

1.Im a Left Handed Person

2.I have glasses in Real life

3.My top Three Fave color




4.I wanna become a cartoonist when i grow up

My Favorite Tv shows:Invader ZIM Danny Phontom Soul Eater Winx Club ICarly How to Rock Victoirous Mad The Fairy Odd Parent T.U.F.F Puppy (There to many more to list)

Earth Food I like:Pizza Chocolate Cake Tacos cookies chips

Games i like: Mario games pokemon call of duty

Fave Musice And Stuff

Fave Song Of All Time

The Pierces - Secret

Fave Singer Lady Gaga

Fave Band THe Pierces

Musice Like

Techno,Pop,Dance,Trance,Psychedelic And Folk Rock

Fave Movie

The Woman In Black And CoraLine

I Like About InVader Zim

My Favorite Invader Zim Episode

1.Dark Harvest

2.Plague of babies

3.Tak:the hideous new girl

My THree Top Fave CHarters From Invader Zim




Fave quote From Zim GIR Dib And GAZ

Zim:Why was there bacon in the soap

GIR:All these children get to go to a special place made entirely of food. I like food.

Dib:AM I The Only One Who See An Alein Sitting In class

Gaz:Dib drank the last soda. He will pay!

I have three o.c right now

Ava is my man o.c that all you need to know
























DO NOT OWN INVADER ZIM. Invader Zim (c) Nickelodeon, Viacom, Jhonen Vasquez,

BYe Earth Monsters

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