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have alot of friends (not in hatena....)

wouldnt care about anything bad cuz it might be about something

luvv pets (such as dogz and cats) :D

verry random

like to have jokes but not tell them

♥Pokègirl♥ is my cuzion:)

um....yeah theres really nothing to know....

but um yeah

like to watch tv

enjoy with family:D

it would be nice to meet new ppl but im shy about them

im like 13 sorry to not say that in the begging but im goin to 14 in august 8th:D

luvv music like r&b nd rock nd NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block and Back Street Boyz, but they share the same B)itz weird....

so um yeah

i like txting nd spending some time in hatena

nd hope you look at my flips nd i'll make more hopefully i can make awezome onez☺☻☺☻☺

so um yeah........



i like saying um alot sorry


tell me what you want me to make in hatena.....

so um yeah....

now itz BYE-BEY for now