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Hiya! Welcome to the fantabulous flipnote extravaganza created by, yours truly, pandoodle. While I'm a little odd and arguably insane, I assure you that theres something in here that suits your fancy, and all of my work is 100% origional. I take pride in creativity above all others :)

Shout out to all my fans and friends! Thanks for helping me along hte way, especially




Goals for hatena:

[X] get one fan (lol)

[X] get 100 fans

[X] get 1000 fans

[ ] get 10000 fans

[X] get 1 star (lol)

[X] get 1000 stars

[X] get 100000 stars

[X] get 1000000 stars (OMG THANKS FOREVER! recent accomplishment :)

[ ] get 10000000 stars

[ ] get in mp 3 times (1/3)

[ ] feel satisfied with what I do

Peace ~Pan