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japanese anime/manga fanatic (BUT NOT A HARDCORE OTAKU!!!)

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japanese anime/manga fanatic (BUT NOT A HARDCORE OTAKU!!!)

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1. Negima!

(Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell is my favorite character is I was 7 yrs.) I know I've the first-middle name of my fave, but 'tis a hard name to spell.

2. Chibi-Vampire (manga, not the flip-creator (LAWL)) Karin is my favorite, but I can relate with Kenta. THAT DUDE HAS BETTER LUCK @ ROMANCE THAN ME!

3. Tokyo Mewmew (Zabura/Renee` is my favorite. We both are loners.).

4. Spice and Wolf (Holo is MY FAVE!)

5. Cardcaptors/ Cardcaptor Sakura (Sakura is my favorite human in the story, Kero is my favorite non-human (I only own 1 onmibus copy), and the Shadow is my favorite card (currently).).

6. Sailor Moon (Luna, Artemis, and Rei Hino/ Sailor Mars are faves)

7. Inubaka (I've read 17 volumes, own 1 volume. Suguri is funny and my favorite).

8. Rosario + Vampire/ Rosario + Vampire Season II (Capu II). Mizore Shirayuki is my favvorite with San from Season II Volume 5 in a very close second (note: third is Ruby (I like her magic, not her fetish) fourth is Nekonome (Wish she was younger or has a teenage daughter) fifth is Yukari. Outside of the top 5 is Aha "the black devil" Shuzen, Moka "gentleheart" Akashiya, Kokoa "fight-happy" Shuzen, Kaiua "crying killer" Shuzen, than at the bottom of the favorites is Kurumu. She's the last main girl of the story whom is around my age.).

9. Black Cat. Rinslet Walker is tops with EVE on-her-heels second.

10. Black Bird. Misao is currently my fave.

11. Tsukuyomi/ Moonphase. Hazuki/ Miss Luna is my favorite.

12. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. Maron Kusakabe/ Jeanne is my favorite.

13. Maid-sama. Misaki Ayuzawa is my favorite because I would know that she can protect herself.

14. Vampire Knight. Yuki Cross (birth name: Yuki Kuran) is tops.

15. Fruits Basket. The tough and deadly Ren Sohma (THE HORSE OF THE ZODIAC LEGEND).

ANIME only

16. Okami-san. Okami-san is my favorite!!!!!




currently unemploy.


graduated in 2009 from Granville High in NY

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williamston, NC 27892

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reading manga (too bad I can't draw manga)

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fantasy stories


english (but trying to learn Japanese)

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