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I`m Topaz, a teenage girl with a lot of creativity and confidence. I`ve been drawing since I was at least 5 years old.

When I first joined hatena, I was literally jumping up and down, so excited I was a member. Hatena is an awesome community. I love everything about it. I`ve been inspired to animate by my favorite creaters. My goal is to become popular, with at least 400 fans! I`m willing to make some good friends on here. I just might accept random friend requests. ;D

My current Wolf characters:

Starr - Female, main o.c

Topaz - Female (was a fursona)

Ana - Female, Second fursona

Cloud - Male, Topaz`s mate

Twain - Male, In love with Dazel

Dazel - Female, wolf x fox

Trix - Female, bffs with cloud

Thank you for reading!