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Nihao world~

Name: Cassy

Country/State of Residence: US/Connecticut

Fav Creator(s): ShinyEevee, Neptune, Genesis, Pikachu, Emogla, NumNumCat, Pikachu***, Oshawott33, *Tacha*, Nightstar

Sis: Emogla, NumNumCat, Genesis, Alois.T, Pikachu***, *Tacha*,Oshawott33(?), Ravey, Nightstar

?= Not sure.

My favorite song in the world is iNSaNiTY Frost Mix by CheezItsAreYummy on YouTube ewe

Ai you all~

Well, that's about it for now... nom...

Hmm... I wonder why Flipnote Hatena thinks ANY of this is inappropriate.