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Hi! My name is Alex and I love Hatena. I'm not on very often, but I try to think of new things to draw everyday. When I do come on to check out what everyone is doing I'm always amazed by the flipnotes that people make, and it makes me happy that so many people enjoy each others artwork so much even though they have never met. I also love how everyone has their own individual styles, which makes flipnotes even more enjoyable. I just hope that you like my flipnotes as well, and thank you for reading. I hope you have a good day :)

Some things about myself, but you might not be interested...

Age: 17

Gender: female

I live in Florida.

I love flying kites. Sometimes I bring my kite to school and if the football field is empty I'll go out and fly it. It's probably the best part of my day because it's so peaceful...

I love baking. I really love Oreos ^_^

Some of the most memorable moments in my life...Not particulary in this order.

Flying my kite the first time on the football field

Receiving a Superior at FBA marching season (if you know what that is then great, if not its okay)

Going to prom and the DJ put Call Me Maybe on and everyone on the dance floor sang so loud you couldn't even hear the song anymore XD

And a ton of other things you guys probably don't want to hear.

I can seem awkward or weird when I don't talk to people in real life, when I usually talk to people face to face they can understand whether I'm joking or not by my facial expressions and I can't do that here...sorry again for my weirdness ^_^

Sorry if this is boring, but thanks for reading :)