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Hi there! I go by Zeldeon, but you can call me Ping, PGG, Zel, or anything similar. Hatena is one of my favorite things to do, so I hope you like it too! Some of my goals are:

Break into the top 10,000

Gain 3 fans in one day

______stars on 1 flip

My personal stats are:

ID- Pinkgamegirl

Name- Zeldeon

Nicknames- Zel, Ping, Marshmallow, PGG, ect.

Main OC- Zeldeon

My characters:




Nickname:Zelda, Zel

Details: Zel is a shy and flighty. She has a red triforce instead of a red sphere, and is most often wearing a pink/red scarf. Zel has a caring personality, but is easily frightened. Zelda is also the star of a series I will one day write, called Plains.

Name: Luneon

Species: 1/2 Umbreon?

Nickname: Luna, Lu, Lulu

Details: Luna is smart. She has a slightly fiery personality and enjoys talking. Luna resembles an umbreon, but she's white and has cresents instead of rings (except on her tail). Sometimes she's shown with angel wings. Luna is the star of a multi-series I might write called Messenger. She's dedicated to my friend Graci.

Name: Triangle

Species: Umbreon

Nickname: Tri

Details: Triangle is a normal umbreon except for the fact that he has triangles instead of circles. He is not very talkative and can sometimes make an awkward comment. This is due to the fact that he had been the guardian of Lugia for half his life. He is overprotective of Zeldeon, but not in a BF-GF sort of way. Though he does get a little jealous when she spends long amounts of time talking with guys.

Name: He goes by Wyvern.

Species: Wyverneon

Nicknames: Vern (Alex)

Details: Wyvern is a complicated 'eon. He's a dragon-type, but his wings are "shredded" so he can't fly. He vaguely remembers not being Wyverneon, and it puts him in a damp mood when someone reminds him about this. He sometimes dazes off or stops talking. Vern doesn't want to ruin other people's lives, so he often pretends to be happy. He is often late, forgetful, or defensive. His tail functions as a lightbulb and as a mood indicator.

Name: Carole

Species: mew

Nickname: Kay-san

Details: Carole is usually dressed in a Christmas dress and hat. She is very cheerful but acts serious when talking to her dad (Arceus). She lives in the Arcian Palace. She is dedicated to my friend Carole.

Name: Chase

Species: Mew

Nickname: Um... He doesn't have one...? :(

Details: Chase is a guy. He's a blue mew, but (because I'm attached to morphing stories) he used to be human. He's usually hanging with Carole (because she found him first) or attempting stuff that comes to a normal mew naturally- like hovering. He has a slight case of claustrophobia (but not much). He's rather curious about the world. He has a black/gray bandanna.

Name: Sunny

Species: Zangoose

Nickname: She doesn't have one either. :(

Details: Sunny is a female zangoose with blackish-red wings. She is Luna's ultimate rival and serves as High Commander to Darkrai (HC2D) in Nightmere Corps. Sunny is also the star of my short-series, Midnight Sunny. She is partially responsible for what happened to Chase. She works with metal and machinery. She is dedicated to my friend Jeanine.

Name: Penny

Species: Ampharos

Nickname: Agent P (Coincidence, okay?)

Details: Penny is an ampharos of many trades. A normal ampharos has black rings; hers are dark blue. Her two jewels are blue. Penny has a part-time job as a secret agent, but usually just delivers stuff and performs tricks like juggling. She is very involved in trying to tear down Nightmere Corps. She is dedicated to my epic friends from GS.