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Hee ^^ it's about time I updated this thing

Hi guys, i'm infernape

I got my name from a bunch of my good friends who KNOW I love the pokemon infernape

I have a seriously bubbly and annoying personality, don't like bubbles and sweetness? Stay off my page lol c:

My flips are more intended for the "older" groups on hatena. So, if you simple-minded kids can't handle "PG-13"...then please. Save me the trouble and GTHO my page, because i don't have time to deal with pricks who can't handle and aren't READY to handle life.

I like most things in this life that I have, here they are..1-10 lol

1. Internet (who doesn't like it?)

2. Music

3. Video Games

4. Food

5. Drawing

6. Pokemon

7. Reading

8. My Violin

9. Friends

10. Family

I'm a more..."inside" kind of girl if you get what I mean. I don't socialize much either, so...if you're looking for a conversation.. not an emotional breakdown..I suggest you go bother someone else. I'm also a writer (most of you may not know that)

I've got so many OC's (mainly sonic characters, but who cares?) So, here are they are

1. Zathura the red wolf (taken)

2. Muffy the shiny hedgehog (taken)

3. Trinity the bat (married)

4. Fuschia the wolf/succubus (single)

5. Allie Acorn the chipmonkey (taken)

6. JoJo the hedgehog (single)

7. Ratchet the wolf (single)

8. Aerith the angelhog (not going to be dating)

9. Aquila the fallen angelhog (not going to be dating)

10. Valerie the hedgehog (single)

11. Sam the hedgehog (soon to be taken)

12. Sugahcube the bunny (taken)

13. Tifa the dark fox (rarely used so won't be available)

14. Juliet the shiny fox (taken)

15. Julienna the shiny fox (single)

16. Nikki Sanders (single)

17. Natalie Portman (single)

18. Gwen Portman (single)

Well, that's all of em'...(i think)

I mostly draw sonic things these days, along with some skyrim and kirby things..Also, if I open RP's from now on..i'm only doing ones that interest me..sorry.

Well, onto more things about me...

I never give my OC's just ONE outfit, it get's so old and boring after I use it more than three times. Also, I do love designing outfits for other people's OC' if you want me to give your OC a new outfit.. Just leave me a message and i'll see what I can do XDD

I mostly have female OC's (obviously) because I enjoy drawing females more than I do males (with zathura and sam as exceptions <3)

I love to be fun and silly around most of my friends...but I hate it when i'm actually trying to be serious and my friends don't think I am...that irks me to NO end