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Hey, thanks for reading this. So, um, I absolutely love the Beatles. I memorized 12 of thier albums. Um, I also love pokemon. But only generations I through IV. I know every pokemon in those generations and thier type, height, weight, region, evolution chain, possible moves, and species. I also love the sonic co. but not sonic. Just everyone else like him. My two o.c.s, Rubidium and James, are both magicians but dont know eachother (yet). I also have a very ackward crush on James(okay, I find him attractive and I have dreams about him, but it's less awkward when I draw him Manga). Yoo can see them in my flips. So yeah, if yoo have requests yoo can ask me and as soon as I reply give me a week to fill the request. I'm also short on friends that are boys. So if yur male and wanna be mai friend, I'll tag yoo in alot of spin-off chainz. LOLOFTOTTYLKTNXBAI. XD dB O3o *0* 83 =_=