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Hiya! my names Carlos PokeG and im 14 years old, im a 9th Grader in ECHS escondido! Ive been on hatena for 2 years and im more of a chatter then a creator but, im a creator for my very first pokemon ~MudkipKippy~ .

Ok things changed for me... sadly day by day im feeling if i should quit hatena... well the reason y im thinking of that is cuz HELLO!! friends i know and love are never seen often some quit.... or gone? Also my very first two fav creators left or stop posting ~Islangirl and Pichu~ thoughs are the best but the new Epic creator ~EpicGutar~ well is so far the greatest! There more like rulers of hatena.... My opoion.... but im sttill staying but.... idk....

I have a second account and ~ThatCar#1~ its a back up account if things go wrong on my first account... But hey soo far #1 dsi got water damage, fell down the stairs And got smashed! but amazingly its working perfectly.... im such a good repair person!

~ThatCarlos and Mudkipkippy