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I have 2 snakes (Monty and Phantom),1 cat and dog (gunner and Mr.jingles),3 tortices and a turtle.My cat inspires me to be artistic with my pencil scetches (im horible with flipnotes as you can probly see...). My dog encourages me to be colorful and funny with my friends and other people. My turtle and tortices remind me of how afraid i can be of what other people say or think about me. My snakes help me to be me i love them and they love me they are ball pythons and they are not poisonous and they do not bite.

Birthday- 3/24/1998 8:21A.M.

favorite animal: ALL!! favorite color: any color that a rose can be. favorite flower: rose favorite book:Maximum Ride or Twilight!

favorite thing to do: read or play my dsi. Favorite game:Pokemon or Spongebob.