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~ Aria's Tribute ~

The Tunnel

Alana Grace

I will leave through the open door

I was sure you were so much more

Now I'm hoping to forget...

How long till then?

Everyday now the sky is gray

there's gotta be a hole in this day

I wanna find what I believe in

Where do I begin?

If visions won't leave you, you have to leave them


Oh, I wanna know, I wanna go

Where the air will clear my soul

To see the light

I will find a way through the tunnel

Without the sun, when I'm undone

[ Find more Lyrics on www.mp3lyrics.org/aETH ]

When you know you're the last someone

You want the truth

So you will find your way through the tunnel

I have stayed here asleep too long

Just to hide what felt wrong

Told the story just enough

To keep you out of touch

Everyday now I wonder why

I can't control the chaos inside

there's gotta be a place to go

Away to be alone

If memories won't leave you, you have to leave them


Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh


Oh oh oh, oh oh oh

To see the light

I will find a way through the tunnel [x1]

~Soul's (Prince Of Darkness) Tribute ~


Lesley Roy

You never close your eyes

You never sleep at night

You're an emotional nightmare

You are, a misfit

You like to hurt yourself

And then you don't know why

You're trapped inside your own hell

No one else knows your name

See the misfit in the mirror

See the freak that lives inside

See the misfit in the mirror cry

See the one nobody wanted

Shattered by a world of lies

See the misfit in the mirror die

~ Lucia's Tribute ~ (she doesn't act like it, but this is what she is)


Alana Grace

(no lyrics, search it up please.)


Post this on your page for your bff! (fill in the blanks)

My BFF _____ is the most ________ person I know!

I would do __________ for them.

(Short IK)

Go get your Cymbalta my children~ >:D

Want some descriptions on my characters? Ok, I will.

Aria: A young eevee who has became enslaved to evil along with her siblings. She is imensly powerful but she never has used her full power before. She cares for a young eevee named Sola, who was found abandoned and she felt bad. She can use many arrangements of attacks, for example she can use Fusion Bolt and Dark Strike. She is friends with Swift and Lync, and has not told them everything about herself because she's afraid to lose her only few friends.

Lucia: She is a schizophrenic but never acts like it. On the outside, you see a sweet little eevee who is over-hyper and happy-go-lucky. She is always hungry and will litterally scream it in the middle of a conversation. Although of her happiness, without the bandade over her eyes she acts like a total schizophrenic, losing touch with the world. She usually hates to talk without her bandades, and it makes people think they did something wrong. How she got the disorder is a long story, I may tell it later.

Souhl/Soul: He is an emotional mess,and he is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. The only people he knows to friends truelly are Lucia and Aria, he thinks Swift could be using him but he goes along with it anyways. He has never loved after the thing that happened way back when to his love Felicia. He will act tough around others so no one judges him, but its not him. He was the first born of the family so sadly, it means he will incarnate the darkness. His life is almost a living hell. Aside from the bad, he is pretty caring and kind. He likes to see others happiness because he knows he will never be happy again. You'll see him fake a smile alot too, just so that he seems to be just like any other normal pokemon.