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I am a spriter and animator but i mostly do sprites i will post one of my animations after i finish it it is mario v.s goku my version in this it will have new goku sprites that i made. if you want to know if i'm going to give them out the answer is yes,in my GOKU V2 flipnote,now on to my projects.

here are my projects that i'm working on right now or might start.

GOKU V2.5 will have some new goku sprites that i didn't post

Kid Buu maybe becuz the lack of some kid buu sprites

Goku ssj i will start and it will have my pallete and zeus pallete

Solid Snake 11% done i was helping Gso with it but he aborted it so now I took it

into my own hands.

Gotenks V.3 19% done cuz of other projects^LOL

King's first anniversary sprite pack 0% done it will have every sprite i have made.

Effects V1 13% done i will put my effects and others effects in it

Gogeta V1 0% done

Vegetto V.1 my version

cell V1 0% done

SSJ4 GOKU V1 0% done

Krillin V1 7% done

Piccolo 10% done

Gohan SSJ 1 maybe

and that's about it so far so peace