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Hiya,my name is $moothmilk and I am a female. I got my name by combinding the names of two guiena pigs I have. I am fun,sweet,helpful,kind I am almost everything nice. I also love to sing ,laugh and very much love animals!. Also I am random alot. Another thing is i will ask u to be my friend, because i LOVE to make friends. EVERYONE is my friend {rember that, but i also want u to fav me ;.One more thing my icons is an animal of me[ mainly],her name is Laurcaty ,hope u like her.Peace:]{ I also have two accounts}




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People\Animals I Use {O.Cs]

Laurcaty {main]{ Laur cat e]- Laurcaty is a cat, wolf [ turns into one], bird,all eeveelutions {pokemon], mew [also pokemon], rabbit, and human. she was born from an egg and had no home so she learned all kinds of things by herself like flying,healing [ with elctricity] elctricity and water moves, also water bending. she is very strong and turns into a wolf [ also randomly] when mad so be careful!

Wolfes- I have 8 wolfes Alive,Bloodwood,Bluscara,Sunheal,Winga,

Crylight,Blizz,and Scarjack. Alive loves to fight. All the dots are scars of past battles, and he hads a crush on Bloodwood. Bloodwood is subborn and can get very worry somtimes. Bluscara has a blue scar down her eye but she is very playfull and fearless, Sunheal is the smallest wolf in the pack. Her pink sun on her eye turns black at night so she can't heal,Wina is the baby wolf in the pack. She is very strong for a baby, and is the dauter of a pasted wolf named Destiny,Crylight was rised in a cristal cave with no family, so she is a lone wolf somtimes. Her crystal ring on her neck can a wound on another wolf as well as Sunheal with her power of the sun, Blizz is a new wolf That my friend And I made up. He is a demon wolf, but he is also a angel,Also he is my friends wolf,Snow's Boyfriend [ besides he has a HUGE crush one her]. Scarjack is Alive's rival. He also has scars from pasted battles. he nearly destroys a wolf when in battle, but he can be a nice guy.

Arttara- She likes to be called "Artta" but she does go by "Arttara" She is a fairy of art and animals{ she is somtimes an angel}. she became a fairy at age 7. she learned her powers on her own and she is a people person. Also she is very strong when mad!

Laur- Laur is the " human-form' of Laurcaty, so i use her offen as well. she is stubron somtimes but she can be sweet. She was made from a girl named Duna on the game "fossil fighters".

Luna- An old chararter from long ago, she is like the girl Runo in Bakugan { if anyone cares} but sweeter.

Lalu.Josh,and Tommi, and Sopia- Four chararters in my series "Life to The Fullest"{ used to be called "Lalu and Josh show"]. Lalu is a sweet and an energetic girl, Josh loves video games but found a love for reading. Tommi love friends, video games and advanders, Sopia is shy but subborn. { all but Sopia are angles}

Fenfre- A very new dog o.c that loves to dance to any music he can hear. Also he eats a bunch!

Rose Dragon- One of my very frist O.Cs { but I used her once] She bring life to people and the animals of the world, she also protects everyone and thing for harm when she gets hit by a bad foe, the vines on her arms gain poisen.

Alien-[ I know she needs a new name} A another very old O.c that i used in books. she is a human- Kitsune or japanese foxs { if u watch pokemon, ninetails is a kitsune]. Her elements r spirt and wind. she can not turn into a human until i make a human form for her. her star ball is a red ball with dots, swirls, and a star. She really loves dogs though.

New O.Cs

Ku- The very first horse O.C i made, she has no herd so she is very lonely somtimes. she hopes one day to find a mate and some very great best friends!

Keakainu- Lalu's boyfriend, he is from hawaii, his name mean a cool mountain and strength,strong powerful,and mighty.

Thank You for reading this and have a great day!