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Well, hello there fortunate creators that somehow got redirected to me (It's not like you're searching for me or anything that would be worth my while)!

Alrighty, it's time for an update. (the reason for updating in the descrip. is because I might not do updates on flips)

It's almost time for school. It's a time of sweets, and joy, and joyness. Lucky charms to my few fans that I have, but I won't be able to post as frequently as I have...so if by ANY WILD CHANCE, that a popular creator, of maybe one of MY favorite creators end up reading this, you're STILL going to be dissappointed in me...waaaanh.

Oh well, any popular creator probably had to go through this at some point, but by this point they probaly had fans beating down their door.

But away from the depressing stuff, now on to less depressing stuff.

I know that alot of the popular creators (namely Anthony, E-Dude, etc.) have relatively personal info posted for interviews, I will NOT post personal info until I get AT LEAST 100 favorites.

Goals for now.

50,000 stars

30 green stars

5 red stars

1 blue star

100 favorites

At least 3 Flipnotes to get in the top 10

1 flipnote to get in top ten WEEKLY

Long term Goals

To get a comment from each of my current favorite creators

1,000,000 stars

2,000 green stars

100 red stars

10 blue stars

MAYBE a purple star

Five flips to get a daily #1 ranking

Three flips in top three WEEKLY

1 flip to get in top 10 MONTHLY

One flipnote to get in top Thirty ALL-TIME

My creator account to get in top Thirty ALL-TIME

Organize a popular channel

Creators I need comments from

Anthony - (half done, I got a coment from him as the answer to a question I had.)



Blue Wolf




Nico Blue


autoMATON (Used to be Shayatmos, I think)




I'm sorry if you were not included in my list, but I'm new, these are the most well known. And I can't read or write Japanese, so I'm sorry, I know that locks out a big part of hatena, but thats life. If you want another fav, send me your profile name I'll check you out.

Alright, those are my goals. I think I'm almost done here, so one more thing, I am going to to switch to be just Havoc, no more 798.

All right, Peace out