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Hello I am Yesenia! (ya-sin-e-ya) I know it is a hard name,try telling my mom that! (Sh doesn't think so!) I am 10 years old,I live in Oregon,I am a top student says my teacher. (I do not think so!) My profile pic is what I look like in real life. I am a mexican,I am a 5th grader,I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. One is heading off to college the other one is 8 years old. And my brother is 15 he can be a pain in the...butt! My mom and my dad are happily married. I have a dachshund(weiner dog) named LoRyder.(My brother picked out the name.) I try to do my best for my fans. I am not a amazing drawer and will tell you that. That is it bye!

Yesenia <3 you!


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Not anymore for the picture thing I said up top! And I started wih school which F.Y.I. IT SUX! I wish school didn't exsist! I LOVE GLEE! BEST SHOW EVA! I love the show! So umm Vicki( VickiChu) please don't quit you have the best series eva made and you can't quit!!! There aren't many series with a setting behind it. So you gotta continue! And WhiteRose (Strawberry La-La) I am sorry that you are depressed. But don't let haters get to you. You are an awesome creator! I absoutly love your series! So yea. Hope you take that to heart. >w<

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We got another Dachshund named LoLa. You get it? LoLa and LoRyder? Isn't it cute?!?!?!?!?! So yea. And my older sister that went off to college in New York when I am all the way in coming for the weekend. Because my brothers birthday is on Halloween so she is coming for the weekend! Yay! I am soooo excited! Oh our new dog is 10 weeks old. Well that is it,so yea. Oh yea! I got a computer for me! It is awesome! Okay,now that is it! Okay well bye and enjoy your life!