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"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!" -Les Brown

My name is Orange Le Fruit, or just orange or fruit for short. I was born in a hospital. My happy place is Flipnote Hatena, which I think is pretty warped because WHAT KIND OF HAPPY PLACE REQUIRES INTERNET?! ...mine. So, I'm very random, even though some people claim I'm not, and I make your inner nerd come out. I'm also so irresistable that you just HAVE to stalk me whenever I chat in TC's Club Chat. Don't worry; if I find out, I understand ;p

My closest friends on hatena are TripleC and Drew. (Not counting the people I actually know in RL.)

ANYWAYS, I'm not popular, but I don't care. I work hard on most of my animations whether they're short loops or long videos. Thanks for your time, and enjoy my Creator's Room!