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AMV's: None i'm very lazy right now..'

1.I am a huge vocaloid fan my fav one is sf-a2 miki but i <3 rin and miku to :3

2.i have central time zone

3.I am also a huge sonic fan i draw my own fan chars

U wanna be my on my fav's list?, chat with me some time!

My main o.c. is Felicity TW

Character status:


Cloud 9:single











Ben+Mady(engaged <3)








F)Felicity M)Grace L)Streeter

Age: 19

birth date: 6/9/93

gender: female


height: 5'8"

weight: 146 lbs

skin color: white w/ red accents

eye color: mahogany

Hair color: strawberry blonde

Info: straight

Personality: Outgoing, sometimes obnoxious,sarcastic,nice,funny,logical,flirty,layed back,artistic,lonely,like-able

Likes: Flowers, roller coasters, red, stuffed animals, SHOPPING XD, music,sun,flying,the beach, ice cream, candy, funnel cakes, carnivals, halloween, scary movies, vocoloid.

Dislikes: Thunder storms,frogs,fish,spiders,lightning,bugs,cats,rain,BAD HAIR DAYS XD, being alone.

Bio:Felicity grew up in a poor family with her older bro Alex and older sis Thalia. Her dad got a big promotion at work and now they live in a huge house in the city. her parents aren't usually home because they spend most of their time working or going to parties.


F)Midnight M) Rose L)Cassiopia


Birth date: 2/29/???

Death date:9/18/93



height: 5'5"

weight: 54lbs

Skin color: dark grey

Eye color: Purple

Hair color: blueish silver

Info: straight

Personality: Emo,depressed,dark,funny,nice,curious,serious,adventurous(u get the point..)

Likes: Night, wolves,scary movies,thunder storms,candy,roses,......

Dislikes: water, ............

Bio: very complicated... she committed suicide then came back from the under world...her brother is Nyroc.


F) Mocha M)Yukari L)Akashia


Birth date: 3/9/97

Gender: female

Species: Tabby Cat

height: 5'4"

weight: 120 lbs

Skin color: brownish orange

Hair color: pink

Eye color: green

Info: straight, Japanese, vampire

Personality: Light hearted,cute,optimistic,random,innocent,shy,smart,strong

Likes: catnip,blood,Sasame XD

Dislikes: pure water,frogs,snakes,slimy stuff,bugs,yucky stuff,lol mud,rain,seaweed, perverts

Bio: moved from japan when she was little and is best friends with Ben and his little sister.


F) Kokoa M)lillian L) Shuzen

Age: 12

D.O.B.: 2/14/00


species: cat

height: 4'10"

weight: 97 lbs

skin color: light grey

hair color: red/orange

eye color: red/yellow/orange(kinda like fire lol)


personality: rude,bossy, demanding, emotional, determined,strong,short tempered,menacing,sympathetic(sometimes), worried(sometimes), happy(sometimes)

likes: mocha in her vampire form, skelektons,blood,catnip, bats, weapons, fighting

dislikes: normal mocha,Tskune,Ben,ppl that tell her what to do...

Bio: mocha's half sister. they have the same dad but they have different moms. lives in japan and visits sometimes.


F)Lilly M)Hana L)Niwa-Harkey


D.O.B.: 5/14/96

gender: female

species: wolf/cat

height: 5'4"

weight: 127 lbs

skin color: grey

hair color: black

eye color: green/blue

info: straight

personality: nice, funny, popular, smart, strong, brave, judgemental,sarcastic,insecure.

likes: poyopoyo,drawing,texting,shopping,hanging with friends

dislikes:jerks,mean girls, fish,catnip,string...

bio: Ben's step sister. She moved from japan when her mom married Ben's dad. she is friends with Mocha and follows Ben around a lot.


F)Nightmare M)Kowai L) Harkey


D.O.B.: 8/1/92


species: cat


weight: 174 lbs

skin color:grey

hair color: black

eye color: purple


personality: gothic, depressed, demonic, beautiful (in a scary way),powerful, smart, protective

likes: roses, cats, birds,bats,skulls, blue, Nexium, night, movies,chocolate

dislikes: heat, water, mice, perfume, publicity

bio: Ben's "twin" sister. Her mother died right after she was born because she was terrified by the demon she had birthed.<(Nightmare was born in her supremely powerful demon form and literally scared her mom to death)Her father named her Nightmare and hated her for killing his wife. Nightmare grew up being ignored by her dad and learned to take care of herself.


F)Benjamin M)Hatsune L)Harkey

Age: 17

D.O.B.: 8/1/92


species: cat

height: 5'9"

weight:162 lbs

skin color; grey

hair color: black

eye color: green

info: straight

personality: quiet, funny, nice, loving, smart,forgiving, easy going,determined, powerful

likes: fish, soccer, sweets, roller coasters, Mady <3,Lilly,Nightmare, scary movies

dislikes: lightning, spinning carnival rides, rain, death, killing people, japanese

anime stuff(doesn't understand it)

bio: Ben was born seconds before his sister Nightmare. at the age of 10 he was stuck in his demon form for 3 years so Nightmare grew older than him and Ben is 3 years younger. he lives in a apartment and hangs out with Mocha and Lilly a lot.


name: Tskune Aono



species: vampire bat



Hair color: reddish brown

skin color: light brown

eye color: red

status: single

personality: kind, quiet, selfless, night owl, romantic, smart, powerful, trouble maker, player

likes: blood, black, girls, music, attention,drama,night, roller coasters, scary movies, halloween, candy, flying, carnivals, birds, fire, writing

dislikes: perverts, annoying ppl, werewolves, demons, being alone, ghouls, dramatic ppl, cameras, water, garlic

(watch out Bell... hes only gonna break ur heart O,O|||)

this is the reason i havent been posting lately... im trying to write this manga for my friend

Chapter 1


Today was no normal day, not for me, and not for my 2 best friends Nanami and Moe.

Today was our first day at Kaigan High School. As 3 of the 7 girls accepted from our private middle school, we were proud to be freshmen.

“This is sooooo exciting!!,” Moe says.

“I can’t believe we actually made it into Kaigan! It’s always been our dream!,”

She adds as she sweeps her arms in a large arc over her head.

I’ve, personally, always envied Moe because she looks so innocent. She has short, black hair, tied into pigtails with red yarn, Knee socks, and varying shoulder bags boasting a character from one of the mangas she likes to watch. Her blue green eyes stand out on her pale skin like gemstones, and bangs frame her, almost always smiling, face.

“Yeah I guess,” Nanami says sounding bored. “ You might find it surprising, but I actually prefer summer break rather than the huge burden of homework we have during the school year.” She continues sarcastically.

Nanami might be rough on the outside, but under the long silvery hair, and the creepy, blood red, eyes, that stare at you from an angular face, she is a nice, sometimes flirty, girl.

“Oh c’mon guys!,” I tease. “We made it to Kaigan. We’ll have an amazing time here!” I brush my side bangs away from my icy blue eyes. My hair is a darker shade of purple. I wear it in a cute, short, style that’s longer in the front, and short in the back.

“Yeah, that’s the way to think, Eriko! I can’t wait to see our dorms and meet all the other freshmen!” Moe says excitedly.

Suddenly, I trip over an outstretched leg, and face plant into another student. “Oh!,” He exclaims. Great I’ve already crashed into a guy at my new school. So much for first impressions. My face turns red as I look up at the totally HOT guy I rammed into. I manage to sputter,“I am so sorry!!!”

I hear snickering behind me and I turn to see three girls whose parents obviously paid for them to attend this school. The one with long, blonde, flowing hair, and sea green eyes, blows on her freshly manicured, pink fingernails, and looks at me with mock sympathy. “Oops! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to trip you!,” she lies, and glides away with her clique. I shake my head and slowly stand up wordless.

“ Sorry about that,” The guy says. “Sakura is always rude like that... By the way, I’m Ryuu.”

“I’m Eriko. Sorry about crashing into you,” I say. “ And it’s okay. I’ve had to deal with girls like her before.”

Stop blushing! You look stupid and childish! Moe and Nanami are shuffling over now, curious of who the cute boy is. Then suddenly Ryuu says, “Eriko’s a pretty name.” Then, he grins and adds, “And don’t worry about it. No harm done.”

Now I swear my face is the same color as Nanami’s eyes. “Uh, okay. Um, thanks,” I sputter. Ugh! I sound so stupid! No wonder Nanami always says I can’t talk to boys!

“ Okay, see you around!,” Ryuu says, as he turns and walks to class with one of his friends.

“So who’s he???,” Moe asks, grinning mischievously. Then Nanami says, “Yeah, who’s that oishi oishi?” No need to translate that for you readers. “He’s just some guy that goes to school here,” I say plaintively.

“suuuure,” Nanami deadpans, “Just a totally hot guy that called your name pretty and sympathized with you over, possibly, the meanest girl at Kaigan!”

“Yeah, what’s his name?,” Moe questions me.

“Ryuu,” I answer.

Could he actually like me? Nanami and Moe seem to think so. I think about Ryuu, his brownish red hair and his warm chocolate colored eyes. He has silky, cream colored skin, and high cheekbones. Not to mention how nice he seemed even when I accidentally crashed into him. Then Nanami says, “Well we better go. If we don’t hurry we will be late for 1st period.”

“Right,” Moe and I agree with Nanami and we part ways, Me to Trigonometry, Moe to Earth Science, and Nanami to English.

Chapter 2


I thought of Ryuu all through Trig, History, and Earth Science. So far I didn’t have any of my classes with him. At lunch I sat with Moe, Nanami, and a new friend from Moe’s Earth Science class. Her name was Mizuki. Mizuki had long, thin, green hair that was tied into loose pigtails. She wore blue goggles on her head and matching blue legwarmers. The thing that stood out the most about her were her mismatched eyes. One green and one blue. “So Mizuki,” Nanami says, “Who do you have for Homeroom?”

“I have Mrs. Ito. Who do you guys have?,” Mizuki replied.

Nanami also has Mrs. Ito and I have Mr. Watanabe. Who do you have again, Eriko?” Moe asks.

“I have Ms. Tora,” I say.

“I hear she’s a strange teacher,” Mizuki tells me.

“Great! I get the strange Homeroom teacher,” I say sarcastically.

Suddenly the bell rings and we are off to 5th period. For me, 5th period is Latin, and then for everybody, 6th period is Homeroom.

My Latin teacher was a high strung, frizzy hai