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I'm a person in place doing something!!!! I'm 15 i have a British accent apparently to my friends. i have brown hair and green eyes with rosy cheeks as my mom says.and i live in Wisconsin.............I'm serious and if your a stalker don't stalk me.ooh and i love pandas and waffles................a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a l- A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love reading manga, watching anime, drawing, and eating pizza, oh and almost anything funny !! i also hate cliches and

my favorite books are the Percy Jackson series (especially 4 and 5)

im a reaaaalllllyyy picky eater i only like waffles ice cream French toast bread and butter mozzarella sticks cheese pizza popcorn a bunch of sweets and thats all

i also get bored extremely easily.

i have given up my search for my DS so now I'm getting a black 3dsi with the lengend of Zelda on it for Christmas!!! i with 3Dsis had better colors like the dsi :( Also i'm thinking of changing my name back to Pineapples

i ironically find my old old dsi yeah i had a dsi before the one i lost i lost that one too and it's old account was pop panda but that fauiled and i wanted to do something different anyway now i found it and i have two DSs Yay--ish any way i back i wonder if any one reads this anyway?