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Im fun easy going and awsome!!! :) Super nice and im in the good side to all my friends!My favorite singers are Katy Perry,and Taylor Swift. My favorite bands are Greenday, and Maroon Five. Anyway.. I love vampires!:) There just so cool and interesting. And yes im a twilight fan. But im not ashame about it!XD And i love hatena!! And drawing! So far my best ranking is #20!!!! :) Anyway my best friend on here is Epic demon!!>-< And I also like all of my fans :) Here are my goals on Hatena.... 1. 100,000* (achieved) 2. 200,000* (achieved 3. 300,000* (achieved) 4. 500,000*(achieved) 5. 1,000,000*(ACHIEVED!!XD) 6. 100 fans (achieved) 7. 500 fans (achieved) 8. 1,000 fans (achieved!!) 9. 3,000 fans (achieved!!!:D) Heres a list of the things i like ( Food, puppies, jewerly,makeup,candy,clothes,my computer,chocolate! XD,Vampires,Love series,Icarly,Boys XD!,cats,and Music)