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Hey!!! im Purpleowl<3 im 12 and i love anime/manga, and every day im improving! I love making Mvs and pvs so if you want a certain song just comment, and do that for drawing requests! Just comment on what you want me to draw! Also check out Kaplan! He is in my favs list!

My channel is Purpleowl's epic channel! with the exclaimation mark on it, so please post to it! There you can post anything and you can find almost all of my flipnotes including my series!

Likes- kind people who give nice critism and arent just plain rude! (if you are rude in comments to me i will block and report you!) do not mess with me! Also i like pugs,candy, neon stuff, and the color purple! i think you have figured this out already considering my user name.. omg i almost forgot, I LOVE the hunger games!!!!! Lol now im just rambling.. =3

Dislikes- mean people! seriously im not a mean person or picky but if people are rude to me i wont tolarate it! thanks for reading this! ~Purpleowl<3

6-14-12 - Really sorry for not being on... School made me busy and i lost motavation, but i got my citizen ship back and i have two flips ready to post so watch for them!