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The number one princess in the world

Know how to treat me that way, okay?

First thing, notice when I have a different hair style from usual

Second thing, be sure to go as far as looking down at my shoes properly, do I make myself clear?

Third thing, for every single world I say, reply with three words

If you understand that there is nothing in my right hand, then do something!

I'm not really saying anything selfish

I want you to think from your heart that I'm cute

The number one princess in the world

Realize that, hey, hey

Keeping me waiting is out of the question

Who do you think I am?

Somehow I would already like to eat something sweet!

Go get it immediately

I'm not really saying anything selfish

But you know, it's alright to scold me a little?

My very own prince in the world

Realize that, look, look

Our hands are empty

Reticent and blunt prince

Come one, why! Just notice it soon

You definitely don't understand! Don't understand...

Shortcake with a strawberry placed on top

Pudding made with well-selected eggs

Everything, everything, I will hold myself back from it

Don't think that I'm a selfish girl

Even I will be able to do it if I try

You will regret this afterwards

It's natural! Even for me

Sekai de ichiban ohime-sama

Chanto mitete yo ne dokoka ni icchau yo?

The number one princess in the world

See me clearly okay, shall I go somewhere?

Suddenly I was held tightly, it was so abrupt, eh?

"It's dangerous, you'll be hit" So saying that you turn away

...I think this person is dangerous though