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Hello! I don't feel I need to tell you my real name so call me raccy ('R' is NOT supposed to be capital!! :P) I am a female. Age ... Eh, why do you need to know?

I have a DA account now ^^ I am raccy52 - just search me up!

Yeah so...

Some stuff:

People/friends here I know in real life:

Tippy Fox<3 - ID: Tippyfox11

Crystal ★

<3<3BoTdF<3<3 - ID: ccriscool

Friends I do not know in real life:

snivy:)8 - ID: coolsnivy

P.L.A.P. - ID: palp

SecyRex - ID: HTFStudios

Look at their flips too please!

My Chars:

raccy(me): I am a raccoon SEGA creature thingy or whatever you call it(Sonic the hedgehog style), but I'm a raccoon.

Kam: Kam is also a raccoon, he is mostly just in his regular form, from time to time I make him SEGA

Otis: Otis is the last remaining of my four original characters when I started making flipnotes. He is a Zangoose, and very grumpy, though he really wouldn't hurt anyone even though at times he seems like he would. He is unable to smile. Me and my friend have decided that the world would blow up if he did.

Cat: Cat is a cat. I really could not figure out a better name for him. His style changes alot, I have a hard time on deciding which I like or if I should try a new one for him.

Nyan Cat: YES, I KNOW. He is in SEGA form, and he isn't annoying *like his song* (*some people say it's annoying) I also sort of have a taC nayN char but I don't use him nearly enough to put him in this list(Google him if you do not know who he is)

Cookie Cat: Nyan Cats GF - I don't think she'll be in any flips I post

Oshawott(Dewey): For now, his name is Dewey. His right ear (His right - Our left) Is permently droopy, he is unable to lift it.

Snivy(Lilly): Girl Snivy with fluff on head ...

Julian: The very spiky, friendly Dracosaur with wings that cannot fly. <-- basicly his whole description. I draw him in baby and adult form, he is huge as an adult, pretty small as baby. He believes Otis to be his mother, because he happened to hatch when Otis came across his stripey egg.

Chestnut: He is a Hedgehog(SEGA) I really dont know how I could explain him, I just draw him sometimes....

Alice: She is an Ampharos with a red fluff of fur instead of a gem on her head


Tikky: Tikky is my dog, he has kidney failure so he is super skinny and his brain is damaged so he spins in circles, constantly. I made a char for him because he fits crazy personalities.

Sammy: Sammy was my cat. He was light orabge with alot of white on his chest/belly and face. His front paws both faced outwards and made him sort of waddle and he was very clumsy because of this. He lived outside. Sammy is no longer with us. I'd rather not talk about what happened, it makes me very upset. Sammy was very friendly with dogs that were nice to him and Tikky was his best friend (Him or Gabby[another cat that lives with me] I think Gabby was his girlfriend, she was the only other cat friendly to him)

Jamie: My friend made up this design for a chicken char. I made Jamie an electric chicken and she made Flame Chicken(i guess his name is Flame but I'm not sure, he's not mine) Jamie has a headband.

Baby Z: He is a baby zangoose, needs a name... Um, yea

Greta: Greta is a Umbreon aaaaaand ....... Blah, idk

If I forgot any of my chars, Eh, sorry to them, I'll put them in later, I'll post a flip with their pics in it at some point...

I'm sorry if you read all that, I felt I needed something there >u<


RARARA, I want a new icon but I want to wait until Coolsnivy can post again D: