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Hey :D I'm you're average teenage gamer/otaku, i guess...My favorite manga are One Piece, Naruto, Rave, Death Note, Inu Yasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Megaman Battle Network (i guess that kinda counts), and a few more that I can't remember right now...My favorite games are 1. LoZelda 2. Pokemans XD 3. SSB,SSBM,SSBB 4. Kingdom Hearts 5. Fire Emblem. I'm a musician, I play 5 instruments so far, but clarinet and piano are my forte (music joke X3). And, yea...OFTO

Full name

Bob Link Sagget


Take your best guess...o3o

Blood type

uh...I dunno lol B3


Student! Yeah! No, I'm not happy about that, but it is what it is T_T

I'm also a gamer and a musician, but I don't get payed for those, so they don't count.


SunnySide Pre-school

No JK, I'm a little older than that XD Plus SunnySide sounds more like a retirement home than a pre-school...

Place of residence

My House

Place of birth

The place where I was born...o3o


Reading, sleeping, watching TV, playing piano, 3 saxes, and clarinet, cracking jokes constantly (even if they aren't always funny), correcting people's spelling and grammar mistakes in my head, forgetting what I was gonna say 10 seconds after the thought popped into my head, playing Zelda, sometimes just to look at Link (don't tell anyone I said that), listening to music while I waste away at the computer,...riding roller coasters whenever I possibly can.

Special skills

English, 1337, 3 or 4 words in spanish, and Latin.


Fashion liked I like to buy shoes that are outside of the that fashion? / Green Tunics (lolwut)
Vehicles liked Epona
Things liked 1337 / RollerCoasters / The Zelda Franchise / Link
Drinks liked pretty much anything that isn't soda or tea P:
Food liked Candy of all shapes and sizes / apples, oranges, grapes, PB&J, nutty bars, french fries, ocktorocks, bacon, ice cream, pudding, chicken...
Music liked The Zelda theme, and all music related to LoZ / The Strokes / Classical, Coldplay / Skrillex (thanks to id:E-M-P XD) / deadmau5 / Daft Punk...meh. / 80's / early 90's / Game Music
Web services liked YouTube / Hatena /
TV Shows liked Outsourced / Glee / Zelda TV Show / The Office / ADVENTURE TIME!!, Regular Show / Breaking In
Actors/Actresses liked Link
Characters liked Tingle / Marth / Light Yagami, L Lawliet, LINK, Finn & Jake, Sai (from Naruto).
Location liked The beach / Hyrule / my house / Links' house(s) / Link
Movies liked The fake Zelda movie trailer e3e / Harry Potter / The Outsiders / Star Wars :3 / Spirited Away / Anything By Steven King, Steven Speilburg, or George Lucas
Celebrities liked Link / Joel Zimmerman
Games liked The Legend of ZELDA :D
Comics liked Naruto, DBZ, DeathNote, Rave, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, a few more that aren't coming to mind right now... / The Wind Waker Manga
People liked All mah friends IRL, and mah friends on Hatena. Oh yah, my family too. / Link
Art liked Twilight Princess-style graphics
Animation liked Zelda Cartoon / CD-i Zelda Cutscenes
Books liked House of the Scorpion / The book of Mudora From A Link to the Past / Almost anything by Steven King
Sports liked Pittsburgh Steelers / Triforce Saving
Animals liked Wolves / Cuccos / Sheep / Lions / cats of pretty much any kind / Wolf-Link / Ocktorocks / Talking Parrots / RACCOONS :D / Cardinals and Blue jays
ことば liked Link / Prestidigitation lolwut?