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Hello everyone,

I'm Chloé Désiré,

I posted my first flipnote on Flipnote Hatena on the 6 july 2011.

Maybe you know me on a lot of my username like DJChloé~♪♥ or Foxy or again ~Désiré on Sudomemo.

Oh! And I think I'm a girl idk why xD

I'm 14 years old. (when I was in the end of Flipnote Hatena I was 12 years old)

My birthday is the 12 October

I'm in a relationship, because I love a boy really cute with me..

I'm really shy..

I'm a brony too!! <3 Love ya Pinkie Pie <3

I love Five Nights At Freddy's (FOXY AND FREDDYYYYY)

I'm french/spanish :P

But I can speak english, spanish, french and a very little german

So yeah .. I draw a lot now!! Yep.

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Chloé Désiré






12 october

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  • O

French, English, Spanish and german (a little too)