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Hey i'm Toxic Tears ummm i am a girl and i am in love with anime, final fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda yep. Well let's go into more detail, i have a severe obsession with snake bites! I don't really have them. I LOVE scene thing! Thousands of bracelets, tons of different colored hair extensions... It is my life! Okay some things have changed i do cut... but only sometimes when i have a really bad day or just urge anyways the problem with my obsession is i have a VERY over protective mother! she hates every thing i do and like she wants me to be just like her and i don't wanna be.... ANYWAYS... yah well thats basicly it umm if you wanna talk to me juast comment on one of my flips K'kay talk to you later! oh and thanks for the venting if you actually read this i love you <3 you are totally rad! L. love Y.you L.lots Oh hey also lol i keep re-editing this but i just wanted to say i may seem super hyper and energetic on here but in real life i'm really shy and don't talk much and have very low self esteem >///< anyways LYL

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Facebook- Samantha Cupcakeie Wiemken

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Myspace- Samantha Wiemken (Silent Sammi) I don't use it that often but what the he.ll

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