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Hello peoples of Hatena!

Looks like someone has stumbled across my profile, huh?

No worries. :)

My name is ☆Sky☆! ^^

I love to animate Flipnotes!! Animating is my favorite thing to do! I draw much better on paper though. ^^

I will be friends with ANYONE, so if you need help with any thing, drop a comment on one of my flips! Maybe we could chat sometime! :D

Please check out my bestesesest friend Z, she's in mah faves!

Ok... Mah website-

COMING SOON. (again) xD

Z's website-



~ RIP Edd Gould~ He was pretty swell~*

Please pray for my friend, Abigail, as she goes through her tough times of cancer~<3

Thank you!!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to fave me!