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Thank you all for your support! I really apreciate it :)


Blargh! (Im so random) :D


"I make flips for fun." ~Liz :)

My inspirations:





And a whole bunch more :)

A message to Epic&Guitar

You guys are just simply amazing and very inspirational

you are the most awesome creators and i wish you can stay like that forever :)

~ wish you guys luck in the future


Roxy:Your an awesome friend and dont ever doubt yourself

Chi:Your full of life its just so awesome to be your pal!

Eddie:Thank you for keeping my spirits up buddy

Jay:Your artstyle is simply amazing! Keep up the great work!

Skye: I swear you should work for Tite Kubo! :D Love your drawings

Cody: Your music is just so awesome

Name:Lovely artwork my friend, no lie.

Hoi Sis :3 <333 :D XD :3

(╯◕ ◡ ◕)╯ ·.¸¸·´¯`·.¸¸¤

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