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hey im Skittlez13

my personality....hmmmm..strange

i love michael jackson, rainbows, dinoz, skittlez, monster, paramore, my chemical romance, evenesence, papa roach, 3 doors down, 3 days grace, greenday, the red jump suit apparatus, bruno mars, katty perry, kesha, queen, marlyn manson, flyleaf, eminem, a day to remember, fight for my death punch, bullet for my valentine, i wrestled a bear 1, black veil brides, lmfao. I love music lets just say that. I am a very uniqe person, I am funny, cute, nice, caring, artistic, musical, smart, fun loving, never boring (well atleast in my opion)lulz

Im usually laid back but get on my bad side den iz will come at you like a spider monkey lulz jk (maybe)

anyways I am 5'1 ( I short )

I skateboarde whenever I get the chance. I'm pretty good but I need just a bit more practice.

Thats all I can really think of at the time sooooooooo......yerpz!!!!