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well almost been a year making flipnotes...lots of good memory's on here i love all my fans and friends that have supported me all this time :) hopefully ill get at least 600 fans soon (long ways away) just feeling like the most un-poular creator ever is fine ;p well ill keep making flipnotes because after being gone for about 5 months ive lost my skill D: i really dont remember my techniques...maybe ill get better than last time idk i just need to remember how to animate because i can draw better than i used to but i lost skill in animating, and backrounds which i used to be really good at...well i hope in time i can earn more fans dB even now i feel popular because a lot of my friends are XD so...haha im lovin' those three dots anyway sorry for that time period i was gone my new mv not getting that much stars inspires me to make a super awesome one now peace~D@rk~star