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Hello this is me! Me says hi? I'm a regular teenage girl who is academically excelled....I draw on all my assignments, and when i get my sketch book out there's just a big nothing....Got a new dog....Her name is Brody....She loves two eat or chase whatever cats, and can drool for miles. I hope to make flipnotes, that i make and not edited like all of these...but its okay for now...I will be a freshman at Marshell High School and i will be taking marching band...yeah i get to be doing athletic stuff (inner thouts*hate hate hate hate hate this wish I didnt have to run a lot!)And im just full of school spirit...yeah right i didnt even go to my middle school parties or games.....anti-social much?...yes i believe so...anyway if you think i sound so thrilled you should introduce your self so i wont be alone and only be with the anime friends...my mom wants me to be more social..so im willing o try anything? Hope to meet some new people and make lovely flipnotes....See ya...