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Hmmm.... let's see... I like raccoons, and as hence think I am the Master of them. It's not because I think I'm that awesome; simply because I just am. Animating on anything better than Windows Movie Maker is quite new to me, really. That would explain why I suck [lol]. I LOVE yiff. I do! Back to topic, I see awesome creators like BOSS, Darkrose40, GreenNinja, RaccoonMask, and others and I suck so bad compared to them. But, that gives me drive to do better. I'm too lazy to shade/color in my animations, unless they're like 40 frames or less (which is rare, since my standard is 400 :|) and so my Flipnotes kinda lack that. I could always go back and remaster them, but...

I love Happy Tree Friends and occasionally do Flipnotes about it. I suck at the blood and gore parts, though. My notes are really only about furry characters like raccoons and stuff, because I hate drawing humans and I'm into furries. I don't really give them human hair, either, because it looks quite strange o~o. I await stars, yet they don't come. So... I won't ask for them. If my Flipnotes are good enough, I'll get them... one day T-T.

I kinda stopped watching anime... it got boring. Everything from Naruto to Souleater to Bleach to Claymore to Dr. Slump... bwah. However, I still watch Lucky Star. That's a favorite of mine. I do read Pokemon Adventures quite often. Pokemon rocks. I'm a teenager (I'm *censored*-teen years old, to be specific) and I like cool stuff. I'm also a friend of Patrick DeBardleben, for those who are familiar with him. Stuff I like/ a fan of:

Thanks for reading! Rai, Master of Raccoons, out. :3