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hello! its me rubina! here are some things about me!

  • i like cats
  • i can never decide on a favirote food...
  • i have a cat named poppeyseed
  • my fav holiday is my birthday
  • i like to color or draw on my free time
  • i hate waking up early
  • i luv money
  • i like all the mario games*edit* i like sonic better, ive just havent purchased a sonic game in awile>.<

ummm oh!

  • i like to watch the simpsons
  • i like selena gomez
  • i like capra *edit* i perfer capsule, meg and dia, 3OH!3, or panic!at the disco now......
  • my fav vocaloids are luka and kaito

thats all i can think of! good bye!:)

i also LOVE anime, major otaku here!