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Hey! It's Brittany here! My idol is Rupert Grint. I absolutely adore him. He is one of the character's from Harry Potter: Ronald Bilius Weasly. So, I'm 15 years young and one of my favorite sayings is "Haters will hate." It is absolutely true. My birthday is 7/21/96. My favorite animal is a penguin. My all time favorite Creator is Scribbler. And I cannot live without my DSi. My favorite color is purple. I have a facebook. My facebook name is: Katz Catz Lovez. Sooo not my real name. Lets just say that I don't want my parents to find out that I've been on facebook. SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST!!!!!!

PS. I'm wishing to be atleast the rank 200. Making a series that will do the trick. ;)


Go look up 3DSBubble! Google it! Register! Interact with Nintendo users! :D x3