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ジャズギターを宮之上貴昭氏、Pasquale Grasso氏に師事


Kumi Mikamiバンド自己バンド等で市内のジャズクラブレストラン演奏活動、またNYにて子育てに奮闘中。

Born in Nagoya Japan with a love for music, Ryoji Ray Daike entered Showa University of Music and passionately studied how to play the guitar.

Upon graduation, he continued studying to become a professional jazz guitarist by seeking real life performance experience. Thus, he obtained mentorship from Japanese jazz guitarist Yoshiaki Miyanoue, and together with his mentor, he played at jazz clubs throughout Tokyo.

In 2012, Daike moved to the United States in hopes of taking his jazz skill to the Big Apple, New York City. While living and enjoying New York City jazz life, Daike still craved to expand his understanding of jazz music, so in 2014 he began, and continues to study and perform with Jazz Pianist Kuni Mikami.

While in New York, Daike has played at numerous New York City jazz clubs and Restaurant such as Cleopatra's Needle,TOMI JAZZ, Why Not Jazz Room, and Caravan of the Dream to name a few.