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um hey! im a girl on her brother's dsi. i don't really know what to say. uh i started drawing in october 2011 and started flipnotes january 2nd 2012. i'm practicing really hard to animate and one day, if i get good enough, i want to write my own manga. so you can give me requests if you want on my videos. enjoy some QandA's

What manga/anime have you read or watched?

iv'e read fullmetal alchemist,pandora hearts, d-gray man,souleater, and i'm just starting deathnote. iv'e watched fma, fmab, fma conquer of shambala, inuyasha, soul eater,code geass, and just started darker than black today.

how is school?

i'm in 7th grade and my electives are theater arts and french1. but i will be taking art1 or advanced art next year as my third elective. my favorite class is texas history to catch up on sleep, and my least favorite (like everyone's) is math.

what do you want to do on flip notes?

make amv's/mv's/pv,s/ and if i can find out make people's mouthes fit the words.maybe even make people laugh :P. one of my favorite animators is dangerflo he is AMAZING and a major inspiration to me. i would love to be popular on flipnotes one day. but i guess people dont like what their seeing since i don't have as many stars as i do veiws.

fixed it. :)