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Hai Thar! My name is Sammy9wolf! Also known as: WolfSammy or wolfSam ;)) ...OR Sam Samantha Samalama Samsterr Sammanilla killerSam Sam And Ham (XD) ORRRR My fav:: Sammy. Yah Call me that ;) LOL

So yess I am a crazzy corny lol not at all funny girl!!! XDD Im so intresting huh?? My main characters are:: Sammy(#1) Doug(#2) Carrie(#3) WereChu(#4) blackClaw(#5) BrokenScar(#6) Blue(#7) Scar(#8) and Boss(#9) The rest I make up or...somethin' lol.Well Im not the best Drawer/animator as you can TELL but I try my best and have fun with it! Im glad to be here at hatena! And Shout out to all my friends here! You rock! ;))) Yah...You now Im talkin' to yhuu >:) lol so yah thats me. I hate hackers and I love my- COOKIES! -nom nom nom!!!- lol True fact:: If you give a Sammy A cookie, She will love yhu 4life :DD lol well I just waisted 10 or 20 or.....minutes of your life! Depending how fast yhu read lol well Then Hope you enjoy my flips <3 love my fans <3 <3 <3 <3 ok bye! <3 -S9W

Relationship status:: "You Stalkers yhuu stay out of my personal business >:(" lol

I am no longer using this account......Plz, If you are one of my fans and you see this, plz add my new account. Same name sammy9wolf...thank you