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hi I am Tiger mew, But you can call me, Tiger or Mew I don't care. I'am 13 now and my fav color is blue,my birth-day is 4/2 I like to change my name alot!!!! so yah its me. but if i change my name ill have a flipnote that tells you i did!

some facts about me ->

I love manga/anime

i love drawing manga/anime (my drawing needs help)

i like pokemon alot!!! ask me and i will battle you.

(and lose XD )

I love making new friends!!!!!!

I'm a vegetarian. XD

"Shugo Chara" ( My Guardian Characters) is one of my favorites manga shows!!!!! if you don't know what it is I want you to go right now and look it up!!!! i also like "Animal Academy", "Tokyo Mew Mew" and "The Sisters Grimm".

If you have seen or read Tokyo Mew Mew then you should know im 50% lettuce, 25% Ichago and 25% Pudding. (:

also im only on my dsi on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! so if you leave a comment i wont get back to you till a saterday or a sunday!!!

I really dont need to be popular( or how ever you spell it.) I just wanna make friends with everyone(: stars, rainbows, and unicorns for all!!!!!

you should know that I dont like people who say Oh my G**.. to me that is a very BAD word and I am fully against it!!!you can say oh my gosh, or oh my cocker spaniel or whatever.. just not Oh my G**


my list of weird smilys:


OwO(yes they are defrent...)



b(see that looks much better than

and a few more...

I like Candy!!!!

my adress is:

1234 some-where-over-the-rainbow W.the mysterious Iland(just kidding)

and my phone number is (316)###-####

I really live in kansas(OZ rocks!!!)

We Rock!!!

0w0 (my smily fail <-)

my star goal:








Fan goal:

10 fans(reached)

30 fans(reached)

50 fans (reached)

75 fans(almost there!!!

100 fans

150 fans

200 fans

500 fans

1000 fans

Yah thats it,LOL 0w0.

Thanks You (even if you didn't read all of it, thats ok) for reading this.0w0

last updated: 7/24/2012