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Hi Im Gabrielle but if you are my friend you can call me Gabby if you are not, Call me Lilith or Lili. Im 13 years old, I Think im talented but not enough to be in the most popular of course...But i still do my best, im ALOT perfectionist, i CAN'T post a drawing Without fixed line art...impossible!And my Art need to be perfect always...if im not able to make it perfect i dont do it so i really hope you like my art, Some of MV's Are comming soon!

Ok Lets continue talking about me ,

I Live in Canada , Quebec , Beloeil.

So i talk frensh and english

I only have 1 friend that i know in real life who is on hatena

soon 2

My life is boring

My Friends Here Are:

  • Foxboy(Brandon)
  • Cyclone(Mariah)
  • Coco(Gabi)
  • Elilos(Ethan)
  • Snoopy(
  • Greenday98(Jailyn(bad spelling?)
  • Filanda(Firdaous)
  • Coryssa(
  • Sparky(
  • Gorillaz2D(Jazmin)
  • AleshaTF(Brenna)
  • MiseryTM(Lyannia)
  • Esone(
  • JanettFox(...Janett?)
  • LostLight/FoundDark(
  • Groudonchu( i spelld it right?)

And i think that all sorry if i forgot some D:

Yeah there is some of my friend that i need to know more...But well!