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I am a huge sonic fan! When I typed this I have 10 o.c.s!I am hoping to make flips that will make people laugh and be enjoyed! I am also aiming to make lots of great friends! And mabye someday some one will tag me...

Awesome! update. Now I frequently get tagged [which I think is mondo stupendo] I have three awesome friends, over 20 kewl fans, and lots of o.c's! well I guess now it makes sense 2 write a little about me, so here I go im a huge sonic fan!I love making friends and getting fans,[who doesn't lol] I hate fighting with and yelling at anyone im a little sensitive and over sympythetic some times and very good at saying sorry and forgiving people.Well now just for reference ill list my o.c.s -Sapphire the hedgehog-Topaz the wolf-mia the wolf-starlight the artic wolf-cinder the dragon-zelda the hedgehog-luna the hedgehog-miles the wolf-polar the wolf- frost the butterfly- comet the ninja butterfly- silvia the hedgehog- dawn the hedgehog- aurora the fox- aqua the fox- drew the hedgehog- jake the hedgehog- sapphira the merhog- daniel the hedgeangel-misty the white tiger- and my fursona emma the hedgehog. -edit- Oh jeah!Now I have lotsa Awesome friends and 61+ fans.YAY!!!And peoples are saying they like mai art!more YAY!!!And also i joined adventure quest worlds!( a lotta fun!Now its like my second home XD oh and its obvious but my avatar in aq is named Sapphire TH(such a surprize lolz) so if you get on i use the server called Alina so pick that one and if you see a girl with black hair and green eyes and Sapphire TH is displayed above her head thats me!(obviously XD) just tell me your from hatena and write your hatena creator username in the chat box so I recognize chu :D.Anyways Thanx all the peoples of hatena who have brought meh tis far,and play with meh on thanx.:D -Sapphire TH

-edit(againXD)mai favourites time derp!

favourite food:CHILI DOGS!especially the ones from Sonic(restraunt)

favourite drink: choclate milk! i love dr.pepper but I stopped drinking pop after Christmas.

favourite game(s):Sonic unleashed,Sonic colors,super smash bros. brawl,and legend of zelda twighlight princess!

favourite movie(s):Castle in the sky,couragous,and the cat returns!

favourite song(s):Bad apple,Dream of absoloution,hero,rocketeer,and

the sonic colors theme

favourite singer:Ariana Grande

favourite peoples:Me jk lol,God,Anya,Mai family peoples,Mai hatena and aq fwends!

favourite color:Sapphire blue!Is beautiful color,no?(XD)

favourite animal:Hedgehogs!

favourite sega charas:Sonic,Silver,Tails,Knuckles,Cream and Cosmo

favourite hatena creator:either Aurora&Co or Sisco beat!

Thats all for now peeps of hatena seeya:D

-Sapphire TH

  • edit- These are meh buddehs I REALLY hope I did not accidently leave anyone out!There is no specific order...
  • Num num
  • FellWolf
  • $assy
  • Artcat
  • pokemon4ever
  • pachu
  • Angelchrom(midnight)
  • Midnight
  • Benny11tm
  • SapphireDH
  • Silent aura
  • lilqueen
  • D@vid
  • SolarFlare
  • $Pancake$?
  • Adora&Majo
  • SolsticeTF
  • Nyan Cat
  • Warden
  • XGemX
  • Anya
  • Blaze

I think thats everyone I will edit in any new buddehs I make.

Anyways I went to Mai first concert and it was AWESOMISTICAL!!!!!!Except awesomer XD!I gotz to see Skillet play!And I was really close to the front row!I could feel the heat from the fire!It was awesome!I want to do it again!(when mai ears heal XD) anyways Im going to arizona (to sunvalley indian school I think)In August!!YAYZ!!!!Also 80+ Fanz YAY!!! Thanx so much you guyz!Thats all 4 now


Art Cat QUIT!!!!!!!!Thanx a lot you false reporters I hope you got what you wanted!>:( One of mai close buddehs gone.... heh Moping and being angry wont help.. I miss you Art Cat You were a genuine friend,and a inspiration...I dont hold grudges but I still miss Art Cat..Well at least I'm up to 91+ fans thanx you guys here's some more stuffs lol

Mai close buddehs(in mai opinion) I don't like to choose over others but these buddehs I've known for a while or hang with me a lot(there is no specific order)

Im pretty lonely right now its so quiet on hatena well anyways

Thanks for your support and for believing in me everyone

-Sapphire TH


Animation liked flipnote studio
TV Shows liked sonicx pokemon B&W
Animals liked Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!
Drinks liked dr.pepper
Food liked Chilidogs