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hey my name is mickayla or kayla and i am flamexsoul. Ive always wanted to work in an animation studio to show off my talent i can sing i can draw, well with a pincel i can but as you can see im not as good on hatena but i try my hardest and i never give up. here is alittle about myself.

im 5'3

im 13

my b-day is in december

i love to talk

if you would rate my flips i would say PG-13

i have a dirty mined lol

im nice but youll not like it when im angry lol

i hate it when people act all that and think there better then anyone

i have twenty one calectable pistels in my room from 1982-2011

im a tom boy at some activitys

im a girl that loves shopping but only fer me and me only

im a A,B champ in school and i love read,writing,and watching scary stuff. thats all but plz check out my flips. i love you my fans and friends!