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Hoy~ and Welcome all of ya smexalicious people!!! > v< lulz

If your reading this then your pretty dang cool bro... we should be bff's

or somethin' e we...I like your face... Can I marry you?... Hokay, enough

with the creepy Im scarin' myself Cx


Name: Savannah

age: OLD X) *cough15cough*

Hight: 5'5''// im short..-sadface-

Gender: -checks pants- ...I dunno. XD

Hatena Family: Keevin, Esmeralda, Milly Milly Dounut, Lucario, Amber, Marla, Cuddie,Clover, I missing anyone? XD


Likes: ARIZONAS AND HOT FRIES!, Johnlock, tumblr, singing, texting (you can ask 4 my # if i know you well enough),h̶a̶n̶d̶s̶,watching peoples reactions to situations,big arse cardigans and leggings, being distant and alone sometimes, chillstep,music in general EXEPT COUNTRY!, clothes, Lazyness, the whole hipster art style~ <3, other peoples drama, people watching, Dramatic Irony, when I can just chill around that one person and be me Q wQ.

Dislikes: People that remind me of myself, others with no self respect or assume who I am, Tall ppl...>w>", Jellyfish, my food touching (everything has a specific taste I want to taste!), The emotionally impaired that burden others, that feeling after you run-its like you could run more but you didnt feel it while running te- et Eff you feeling, girls that wear yoga pants to school- if you wanna show your booty might as well go on a street corner boo.


У∃ѦĦ ฿ϴℑℐ❣‼ Well thats me and I hope to get to know you and your amazing self one day :) Remember your never alone in any situation and hit me up for a chat any time~ Im usually at Gizmos, there are some really amazing people there and hey maybe you could be a part of my family <3 <3 <3

<('o'<) ^( '-' )^ (>‘o’)> v( ‘.’ )v <(' .' )> <('.'<) lol

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