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Hey you guys I'm BurnerMan, Was also known as Fong (my brothers name) I am a sprite maker on Flipnote Hatena. Also Known as LightingRock. Okay I'm No longer a Spriter so don't expect sprites from me anymore.

Alright thank you my fans for making me rank # 5 my best. But to tell the truth I don't deserve it. If anybody is reading this I need spriters help for an original flipnote that needs Super Mario World sprites I need

Mario all 4 sprites of just bouncing off an enemy.

Yoshi mario riding on him.

Stage tiles from every non water stage.

Yoshi wings that come from the blocks

Cheep cheeps

charging chucks

piranha plants

cheek point flags

coin sprites

and yeah almost every other sprite.

I how my own website to review games right now, Maybe I'll do some more stuff on their but here you go.

My Nico Nico Account - my name is LightingRock

Deviantart account

I have a Youtube account IamthePumpman.

Extra tip for spriting: Save the Sprite and open with Paint and zoom in with the Magnifying glass.

Yes I do Have Xbox Live but no gold.

I also have PSN on PS3, Send me a request if you want but just tell me your from hatena, Almost always playing Castlevania Harmony of Despair.

I'm a huge Touhou, Mega Man, Castlevania, Nintendo, Anime, Manga, and Monster fan.