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hey guys im Jessica and im glad to join flipnote hatena.i have a passion for drawing my favorite animals is most defiantly a wolf because there so brave and well known as a Native animal

but sadly there a endangered species i wish the wolf hunters would STOP because there hurting wolves.

i have a puppy named jack he is a Labrador retriever mix but he is a lazy puppy ... well most the time but he has his moments.

ok what is about me i am a smart student i get a,b,and C's on my report card im 13 and tall for my age gahhhh girls and guys are smaller then me well my friends are but there crazy and fun there are people taller then me but a girl at my height is tall be case im 5'4 ugh... i love drawing scene i first started coloring with a crayon it was a lime green.That is my favorite color today like it was back then i hate the color pink on i don't want to be a girly girl i was back then i look back and say to my self um... who is that because i know i ain't no girly girl i don't were pink unless it is for support for Brest cancer and no im not a Gothic person im just an ordinary teenager that is awesome. :P