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So yeah im not dead my dsi has another account fredfredbrger yeqh so if want to see mah new flips and i gotten way better and voice got a lot deeper hehehe so yeqh my commqnd for my ne account is. right trigger x2, Y x2, a, down, right trigger, Y i like to thank my fans link, hope and verruckt for supporting me the most since now i have to start all over -.- JESSUSSZZ its been how long gawd ~ oh well my dsi is broken for sure and not planning to fix it but i has a 3ds but yeah they dont have flipnote on this.syddfdjjdgjgxmjts key board smash uhhghhh but the bright side is i got zelda '.' and i just beat it in 3 days sooooo... im broke and poor...derp.....