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hey! my name's shania and i'm 11 years old.

my life consists of the hunger games, taylor swift, josh hutcherson, jennifer lawrence and not using capital letters in my "about me"'s. i'm pretty active on flipnote hatena and have earned the majority of my stars via my series. i'm currently working on a new one which will be released SOON! ;D

i don't have many talents, however i am told that i am super mega good at writing stories. so, i guess one of my strengths is english. i used to be realllllyyy bad at maths, but i've improved so much that i can finally say i am proud. in my sats results, i got a 5 in: science; maths and ict. in english, i got a 6! yaaay!<3

anyway, i'm gonna go be the obsessed panemaniac/swiftie i am and watch/read the hunger games or go listen to "we are never ever getting back together!"


shania xxx

"you love me, real or not real?" "real."