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Hello there, little one! I am the master of all things seen and unseen in this world...the mysterious Sforzando! (Call me sFz or Zando for short.)

Enter into my Creator's Room! Gaze upon my mystifying creations! Chortle at my hilarious animations, and gasp in awe at the scope of my series, "Mighty." I hope you enjoy your stay in my world, however brief it may be.

If you wish the Great and Powerful Sforzando to grace your flipnotes with his view, merely link your best animations to his channel. If it is worthy, he will allow it to stay. But if not...it's delinking for your pitiful attempt! Bwahahaha!!!

Please note that the views expressed in the description above in no way reflect the official viewpoints or opinions of Todd C (also known as Sforzando or sFz), Sforzando, sFz, Nintendo, Hatena, or the Princesses Celestia and Luna.