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i am a girl.I like making new friends:) im 12 year old (don't laugh plz). my fav candy is skittales(yum) my fav color is blue,black and red my b-day is oct 21 and i love music!! now u know me a little! lol:3 :P :D :) :( :p XP o_o o3o o~o e-e my characters i only have 4 lol

1. kelly the hedgehog 14 she is a out going she is 14 single 0~0 she loves fireworks,candy and music b-day may 29

2.sarah the cat 15 she is helpful loves to build and cook single >A< will help anyone in need b-day jan 2

3.fallen the hedgehog 15 he is very helpful funny and different he is taken he was abused by his family and was bulled as a little kid,he loves candy b-day oct 9

4.Klarissa the hedgehog(me)12 she is random up to anything love to eat skittles and help people that need help b-day oct 21

list of my friends :)

.skitts th


.zel rose

.freeze th


. koko




and many more if you want to be friends just ask and if your not at the top plz don't feel bad cuz you u will still be my friend!!! :) i might quit