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UPDATE: 5/20/12

Hello, fellow Flipnoters! So, there I was, in my room, using my computer to check the new release of Super Smash Flash 2, when suddenly I decided to update my Hatena profile. It's been over half a year since I updated, and I thought it was about time I updated. Anyway, over my long break from Hatena, I've obviously matured more and decided to quit hacking and become a regular Hatena user. So, you don't have to worry about any more hacks because I quit hacking Hatena. The only kind of hacking I'll be doing is with online games to post them to my profile on Flash Games and Hacks. If you want to check it out, here's the link: The reason I haven't been on lately is because after my mom saw my VERY last post (which was made over a year ago), I tried to hide it, but she wanted to see the post, and upon seeing said post, she interrogated me about my Hatena backstory. After hearing the story, she was not happy and banned me from ever going to Hatena (to make comments only) until I grow up and clean up my act. I've been missing ever since. But, now Ive grown up and matured. I swore a blood oath never to hack on Hatena again. And, to this day, I've kept that promise. I can still do everything on Hatena except post comments or make any kind of contact with any user. My final exams are almost over, and I graduate on June 14. I might return then. However, as you may already know, my DSi has been broken since November 16, 2010. That's why I got a 3DS. Should Flipnote Memo ever be released on 3DS, I will return to making Flipnotes. But, for now, all I can do is make comments.

Thanks for reading my latest update! I really appreciate it! If you have read this post, tell Tylr and Jaller to read this.


P.S. - If you want my 3DS Friend Code, here it is:

Fr3akGamer: 0602-6545-5082 PLEASE ADD ME!!! I'd really appreciate it! I can play Mario Kart 7 and Sonic Generations, in case you're wondering.